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Liability Insurance Buyers Report – Europe 2005, and Limits of Liability 2005

Deciding what level of limits to purchase for liability insurance can be one of the toughest questions facing organisations. Low-frequency/high-severity incidents require a dramatically different management approach than do other parts of the property/casualty program.

The 14th annual edition of Marsh’s Limits of Liability is a global benchmarking report that aims to help companies strike a balance between the cost of excess liability insurance and their specific coverage needs.

  • Information from 6,032 companies went into this year’s report, from 42 countries on six continents, making Limits of Liability the most reliable source of liability insurance benchmarking available.
  • The combined revenues of all the participating companies is $10.6 trillion. To give that some sense of perspective, that’s more than the combined GDPs of most countries in Europe!
  • Globally, the cost of excess limits dropped significantly in 2005, while the average limit purchased was essentially flat.
  • The average limit purchased varied greatly among the industry groupings tracked in the report. In Europe, the average limits purchased ranged from €138 million for Transportation in Southern Europe, to €1million in Consumer and Retail Brands in Central and Eastern Europe.

You can down-load Limits of Liability 2005, Liability Insurance Buyers Report, Europe 2005, and a selection of European industry reports and single country mini- reports from the list on the right.

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Limits of Liability 2005

Liability Insurance Buyers Report – Europe 2005 (updated version, November 2005)
Notice of correction to European Liability Insurance Buyers Report, Europe 2005
Liability Insurance Buyers Report – UK Country Report
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XL Large Loss Report - Legal Disclaimer


The full XL Large Loss report is available at the end of Marsh's Global Limits of Liability 2005 Report